Friday, February 12, 2010

Thesis Project 2009

Image 1 of 7, Acrylic 12x16

Image 2 of 7, Acrylic 9x12

Image 3 of 7, Acrylic 12x9

Image 4 of 7, Acrylic 9x12

First Flight, Acrylic on artboard, 12x16
(just found out 2/12/10 that this piece got into the Society of Illustrators Student Competition!!)

Image 6 of 7, Acrylic 12x14

Image 7 of 7, Acrylic 12x16

These 7 images I created as part of my thesis project at Massart. I adapted a story from Plato, the Allegory of the Cave, using birds instead of humans in a more modern setting. All these images I transferred into a hand bound book, where I also showed my sketches and process work. The book itself was bound in dark cloth, sewn together with japanese stab binding using copper-toned thread, the pages made of off-white printmaking paper, and the cover I embellished with twisted copper wires mimicking the bars of the birdcage.

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